Perception of the model industry, by the public, over all the years, mostly negative, especially here in Africa… was there for a reason.

With our unique knowledge and experience we knew what had to change…

We implemented very different structures, principles and vision to allow the fashion related industries; to become a true career for the amazing talent we have here in our country…. The result is that we have an agency that represents an extremely selective model board, boutique to say the least… All are local residents of Africa managed by Fan Jam worldwide.

Locally, throughout the year, our models are extremely successful in all city centres, across the land. Clients know the quality and caliber of our models and services. Our models dominate in all leading retailers, magazines, shows and brand campaigns.

Internationally, our models are sought after by the leading agencies, worldwide. Fan Jam’s networking style is unique and extremely successful, we provide full support and services to the model and international agency. We ensure that the approach is based on short, medium and long-term goals. The balance between financial, emotional and career is essential.

Brilliant associations with Agencies, photographers and clients throughout Italy, USA, Germany, UK, Australia, China, Japan, Turkey, India, Thailand, France, Spain, Sweden… has resulted in huge success for our models …

The essential career aspects of brand creation, recreation, imagery, training, digital videos and polaroid’s, are all provided in-house exclusively by the leading team worldwide. This enables a huge advantage that is so beneficial and also cost affective. Support to our models regarding financials, administration and services are transparent, clear and very beneficial to the model.

Four different divisions; representing the markets suited to each individual… with superstars abound, locally and internationally.

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