Launching Autumn/Winter 2016

Over the last fifteen years, Fan Jam has been involved in many successful concepts. The goal was to create opportunities and showcase what Southern Africa actually has to offer towards Local development and growth. Witnessing the growth and the success of these clients, locally and also attracting international belief in local services, has been extremely rewarding.

Across all markets in the fashion, hospitality and entertainment industries… We believe that there is an abundance of incredible talent, resources, creatives, brands, designers, and individuals across all cultures. Proudly South African. We are.

With a team internally with an abundance of experience in numerous fields, we offer individual to turn key services.

  • Creative event and marketing brand concepts
  • Musicians, Personalities and Talent imagery packages
  • Specialized imagery and brand concepts for magazines, designers, creatives and businesses

The digital marketing aspects enhance this division provided by our brand associations,
affiliates concepts and marketing through our online magazine the FJ issue…

Coming soon! Watch this space …