Launching Autumn/Winter 2016

Fanie Nel, over the last twenty years has been working his magic as a photographer across Africa and internationally in Paris, Milan and London. High fashion and portrait photography is his passion and inspiration. Commercial, Beauty and Celebrity photography are always in the greatest demand as the results are exceptional, with a unique edge of always capturing the best for the clients needs regardless of the circumstance.

His ability using natural light has always been unique and inspirational, capturing the essence of the subject in a moment of time…. Being an artist with incredible talent in Make-Up, Hair and Styling combined with his classical photography skills has always been hugely respected internationally in the fashion circles.

Locally, in the past, the management of SA photographers and creatives has been quite restrictive. Appreciation and understanding of their individual crafts has mostly been found internationally. Finding the balance between their art and commercial viability is always difficult. SA has incredible talent, which clients internationally here in season, should be utilizing to the fullest.

Locally, much change has occurred recently. The C.A. Division, begins marketing Fanie’s creative skills to local and international clients and magazines in 2015… Fan Jam Concepts has developed and helped launch many exciting creatives over the last years. This division will continue to do so through facilitation of auxiliary services and digital marketing through FJ issue magazine for freelance artists.

C.A. is a unique conceptual platform for creatives that is not competitive to the existing creative agencies…. A fresh marketing vision

Coming soon!